Wednesday, May 22, 2013

About ARM Cortex-A8 Processor

 The Allwinner A1X, known under Linux as sunxi, is a family of single-core SoC devices designed by Allwinner Technology from Zhuhai, China.

Currently the family consists of the A10, A13, A10s and A12.

The SoCs incorporate the ARM Cortex-A8 as its main processor and the Mali 400 as the GPU.

The Allwinner A1X is known for its ability to boot from an SD card GNU/Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, and other ARM architecture-capable GNU/Linux distributions.

The ability is in addition to the Android OS usually installed on the Flash memory of the device.


As a connected smart HD manycore SoC with high profile, A10-powered devices can bring end-users better experiences of surfing, watching, gaming and reading.

It supports 1080P 3D video playback as well as 3D gaming. It offers both local 2160P video playback through SATA/USB2.0 interface and 1080P internet video playback through Ethernet / WIFI. What’s more important, A10 has integrated Video Codec, Audio Codec, HDMI,SATA,RTC, which allow products with A10 to be launched in less time, with less effort and at a lower total system cost.


Allwinner Tech has expanded its processor lineup to include a new ARM Cortex™-A8 chip A13, which is even more competitive for Android tablets with higher performance (ManyCore Lite), lower power consumption, and lower total system cost. As the brains of Android operating system, A13 makes multitasking smoother, apps loading more quickly, and anything you touch responds instantly. What’s more, A13 is available in eLQFP176 package with Audio Codec, and 2 Points RTP integrated.

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