Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to create Mirror Effect on image using fireworks 8 2005

Follow the steps below to create a mirror effect on a image using Fireworks ver8  2005 .

1. Open a new file in fireworks and take height of about 2 times  more than the original image.(for example: if the main image is 100px height,then take 150px height. )

2. Copy and paste the main image twice on the new file.

3. choose the second/clone image,
If you like to create mirror image downward then go to top menu =>
Modify=>Transform => Flip Vertical

If you like to create mirror image left/right then go to top menu => Modify=>Transform => Flip Horizontal

4. Now , Select the second/clone image, go to top menu=> Commands => Creative => Fade image , then select the top rightmost style in the box and click OK.

5. on the right side,  in the Layers Tab, select the Bitmap layer that is the clone/second image ,on the layer , select the black box.
step 2
step 3

step4 end
6. Adjustment line will be seen in the main window with the clone/second image. select the 1st black round and Move it halfway towards the center of the first image to adjust the fadeness.


I would give suggestion to do more experiments with this steps to get desired effect as you like to get.

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