Friday, December 31, 2010

Fair Usage Policy of Banglalion Wimax - Bangladesh

BanglaLion Wimax - Bangladesh
There are Prepaid Plan and PostPaid Plans. In case of PostPaid plans , fair usage policy will be applied on unlimited package.

Fair Usage Policy :
Banglalion initially provided several unlimited packages which they later turned into severely limited packages with their fair usage policy.
  • allowed no more than 4 hours of downloading per day 
  • allowed  5 GB / month  on 128 kbps unlimited package, 
  • allowed  8 GB / month  on 256 kbps unlimited package 
  • allowed 15 GB / month on 512 kbps unlimited package. 

They introduced this fair usage policy in december somewhat suddenly with no prior notification, so many subscribers got disconnected/severely speed limited. There has also been user frustration over banglalion customer service, from being non-helpful and unavailable to blatant deceptive behaviour.

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